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I am currently in my first year of a PhD on a joint-degree between the University of York and Aahrus University. This research is generously supported and sponsored through the CDH. Building upon the results of my MSc this current research is aiming to probe the relationship between heritage, video-game and consumer, with specific reference to the key stakeholders involved in construction, critique and consumption. It is anticipated that there will be a strong technical component to the thesis - in part being produced in the video-game medium, as well as creating toolkits for implementation.

Before academia I was a competitive horse rider and trainer in New Zealand, successfully producing several young horses through to Young Rider Championship / CCI** level. Throughout this time I had a passion for computer-science, linguistics and philosophy, taking these subjects as the preliminary papers towards a BA.Hons at the University of Auckland. I began studying archaeology full-time after receiving a cross-disciplinary computer-science / archaeology 'Summer Scholarship' which was focussed on incorporating linguistics, archaeological data and agent-based modelling to visualise regressive movement over time, polity formation and habitation patterns. My undergraduate dissertation focussed on data-management and structuring for field-work and post processing, specialising in the management and structure of G.I.S entities. My Honours dissertation utilised agent-based modelling to investigate the interrelationships between ecological and socio-political factors in differential hierachy emergence and maintenance in the islands of Hawaii and Maui.

I have worked on numerous archaeological surveys and excavations in Egypt, Rapa Nui and New Zealand.

My current research interests focus around the use and abuse of video-games for and about cultural-heritage as well as investigating the potentiality of immersive virtual reality devices for use in cultural-heritage institutions.

Outside of academia I hold a keen interest in video-games for both entertainment and competition. Since 2008 I have been involved in a variety of e-sports teams under the alias of 'Super Freak' and have additionally played more than my fair share of casual titles.

I thoroughly enjoy chatting to people with a shared interest in video-games, archaeology, digital-heritage, philosophy, computer-science and equestrian, feel free to get in contact via any of the above linked methods.