Writing and Speaking

Journal Articles

Copplestone, T. 2014. Clifford's Tower 1263 AD: Gaming Technologies for Archaeological Uses. Method and Apparatus (1), pp. 22-26.

Conference Papers

Copplestone, T. 2015. The Great Divide: A Brief Investigation Into the Differential Expectations of Accuracy and Authenticity in Video-Games with Historic Elements. Presented at Challenge the Past // Diversify the Future, 19-21 March 2015.


Copplestone, T. 2014. Immersive and Pervasive: Museums in Virtual Reality. Presented at Museums Beyond the Web (UKMW14), 7 November 2014.


Copplestone, T. 2014. Ruins as Places of Play: The Use and Abuse of Archaeological Ruins in Video Games. Presented at Ruins and Ruination - Landscape and Literature, 2 July 2014.

Copplestone, T. 2014. Play the Past: A Critical Assessment of Video Games and Extentional Technologies for Archaeology and Culture-History. Presented at ASA 2, 17-18 June 2014.


Copplestone, T. 2014. Playing With The Past: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Video-Games for and About Cultural Heritage. Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of a MSc in Archaeological Information Systems, University of York.

Copplestone, T. 2012. Hawaii 5.0: An Agent-Based Model of Pre-Contact Hierarchy Emergence and Change in the Islands of Hawai'i and Maui. Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Auckland, New Zealand.


Course Work

Copplestone, T. 2012. Waimea 'Auwai - A Hydrologic Analysis, Model and Proposal for Pre-Contact Agricultural Intensification in Waimea. University of Auckland.


Copplestone, T. 2014. Creating Crowds for Digital Heritage. Document produced in partial fulfillment of MSc in Archaeological Information Systems and the University of York.


Copplestone, T. 2015. Playing with the Past. Presented at HRC PhD Poster Competition.

Guest Blog Posts

Copplestone, T. 2014. Realism and Reality: Friend or Foe? A Brief and Rambling Discourse on Archaeological Visualisations. Heritage Jam Blog.

Podcast Appearances

Swapping Trowels for Controllers: Videogames and Archaeology


Copplestone, T. 2014. The Value of Playing with the Past: Video-Games and Heritage. Presented at Bettacultcha 11 May 2014.


Copplestone, T. 2014. Emu-lating War: The Great Emu War as a Video-Game. Presented at LINCS-DSES Doctoral Course: 'History and Games', 2014.