Archaeology of Elegy


'The archaeology of Elegy' is a Tumblr of data - photos, quotes and notes - scraped from stories published by gamers in 'Elegy for a Dead World'.

I began this project back in October 2014 after noticing several 'Elegy' players creating, critiquing or commenting on archaeology, archaeologists and archaeological practices in the game - some going as far as to create entirely new ontological systems to deal with the novel realm of xenoarchaeology. I was fascinated with what we might learn from these players - about how they view archaeology, about how they are conducting archaeology and the perspectives which they have of the past. The Tumblr account was an easy way to display some of the fascinating and visually stunning data as it was being collected and offer some of my own commentary as to what was happening within the statements

The project home-page can be found HERE. Whilst some images from the Tumblr can be observed on this page as examples.

Further research into the data in a more formal manner is planned for later in 2015 when a significant sample of stories has been collated

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