Archaeology Is...


'Archaeology Is...' is a brief experiment into how we can process and visualise the relationships between archaeological concepts.

There were several grand plans to be able to capture the canvas element and print the dynamic writing at different points during the construction - however my lack of knowledge in how the canvas elements worked meant that effort went on hold - also there was questions about rendering a dynamic process as a static entity

To play the experience simply click where it says "click here to type" and begin typing - nodes and lines will begin to be drawn which will represent the connections between word constituents.

Experience It

Click here or on the image above to engage with the experiment for yourself. Will open in a new tab. The file is small so should not take much time to load - however there are some known issues with opening it on older browsers, or on mobile platforms, there is also another issue where resizing the browser will break the script - refresh if you need to resize.