Games / Environment Reconstructions / Experiments / Other

Below you will find a selection of the projects which I have worked on. Use the above tabs to navigate between sections.



Text based game made for MSc dissertation and entered into the 2014 Heritage Jam. Made in Twine.


Flash game made for web project as a demo for rolling out quick interactive elements.

War Emu-Lator

Made in Unity. 2D Shooter based on the Great Emu War. Made for a 2014 Gothenburg Paper.

3D Modelling and Reconstructions

Clifford's Tower

Reconstruction of Clifford's Tower - York in 1263. Made in Maya and Unity.


Reconstruction of the building and arbitrary environment - York. Made with Blender and Unity.


Archaeology Is...

A brief experiment into reflexive visualisation.

Dota2 Mapping

Mapping Game Worlds for view-shed analysis in GIS


Clifford's Tower: Voices

Exhibition film created for a 3Sixty cave space.

Archaeology of Elegy

Tumblr of archaeological data scraped from 'Elegy for a Dead World'.